The Blacksmith is one of the classes of dwarves in DVZ, and they make armor. They start out with the following:

Pickaxe (gathering gold dust and coal)

Shovel (gathering cobblestone)

Book (Dwarven  Vault)

Strategy Make a nether brick house with a floor and a roof.

Place Piston in floor of the house

Right click pistons with coal to get flint and steel.

light fire inside house with flint and steel for a chance to get gold nugget from glowstone dust mined from ores in the quarry

left click raised piston with gold nugget to get some orange dye

Right click cauldron filled with water with the orange dye for a chance to get a gold ingot.

Right click piston with gold ingot to place a gold block.

Mine this with your blacksmith's pickaxe to get a diamond.

Right click on a player with the diamond to give them diamond armor.