A picture of a Builder Dwarf

The Builder Dwarf class is the most common class.

The job of the Builder Dwarf is to build the Keep.

Builder Dwarves spawn with:

  1. A book
  2. An Iron Pickaxe
  3. An Iron Shovel
  4. An Iron Axe
  5. Some food
  6. A full set of leather armor

Every 30 seconds as a Builder Dwarf you are able to trasmute using your book. When do so you are given some experience, random amounts and types of stone, and a small amount of glowstone dust.

Builder Dwarves generally build until near the second night. When the second night is approaching it is recommended that you gear up in full diamond armor and try to take down the Ender Dragon.

Here are some good tips that all Builder Dwarves should know:

  1. When building walls, make sure that they are at least 5 blocks high to avoid spiders jumping over them.
  2. It is advised to make two thick walls so that Broodmothers can't get through them so easily.
  3. At the top of each wall, put a lip so that monsters with vines can't climb over. (Make sure the lip isn't below five blocks or spiders will jump on it
  4. Refrain from building tall structures in the air. It is gold for Endermen to create their portals.
  5. Make sure to put floors and roofs!
  6. Spend more time building and less time scavengering for supplies. Give the supply classes time!