The Dwarven Civil War happened during the events of the Youtube episode of The Mystery of Deadbones Death

Forces InvolvedEdit

Crafter Dwarves

Leaders: Oldman Willakers

Military: 80 Dwarves in the beggining including OldMan

Losses: all 80 faked there own deaths and joined the traitors

The Traitor Alliance

Leaders: Deadbones

Revolutionaries: 5 in the beggining including Deadbones

Losses: 454 Traitors


In that alternate dimension Oldman killed all of the monsters and six dragons all at the same time deadbones who had disliked the Crafter Dwarves faked his own death and started a rebellion aginst Oldman (most likely due to Oldman's tollerance of the Crafters) and began recruiting rebels since the propaganda campaign did not work he began attacking the keep no dwarves were killed in the attacks. So Oldman used magic to create a glowstone platform several traitors went onto the platform but it was a trap and under it there was a bottemless pit Oldman opened it and the traitors were thought to be throwen to there deaths.