this article is about Oldman Willakers, also known as Bruce Willakers, and how he uses Escalaju (his sword) and Virandra (his bow/old wife that he killed then turned in to a bow)


Before being reincarnated as a Dwarf Oldman Willakers was a Beaver, this is where he learned to build dams

Life and the CurseEdit

While very little is known about Oldman WIllaker's early life we know he is 12 dwarven lifetimes old. Sometime ago a curse was placed upon Oldmans' Dwarves to relive their final battle against the monsters again and again for all of eternity. There are fluctuations in the looped battles though, special events which sometime alter the battle and give the dwarves hope that this will be their chance to win.  Some believe this to be a blessing; a chance to rewrite their history which some hope will break the cycle and allow them to live life normally.